Loopy Shloopy Floop Doop Boop

Loopy Shloopy Floop Doop Boop is an example of the A* algorithm for pathfinding. The objective is to connect the red square to the green square.


You are able to draw walls and obstacles by pressing, holding, and dragging your mouse around the canvas below. If you want to erase a wall, simply go over an already added wall with your mouse, as if you were drawing a new wall. Upon completion, press "enter" and LSFDB will begin to find the fastest path. When you're done, or when you want to clear it, press "c".

After LSFDB has found the path, you will see green squares and blue squares. The green squares represent the quickest path to between the dots, and the blue squares represent squares that were looked at or visited during the time that it took to find the shortest path.

Set the Start & End Locations:

Start: x: y:
End: x: y:
** Will Clear Canvas On Set